Photoshop – Filters and Layer Use


I took this picture last weekend on an outting to the nearby town of Bisbee, AZ.  Bisbee is a nationally registered historical landmark.  It’s an old copper mining town turned into a hippie and artist haven.  The main strip of town is nothing but art galleries, vintage thrift stores, boutiques, and gourmet restaurants.  This little town may be one of my favorite places on this entire planet.  I realize that’s saying a lot.

This door with the intricate pattern of glasswork was begging for me to take it’s picture.  I was pleased with it in it’s original form, but decided to use it for the assignment to play with filters and layers.  I duplicated the background layer to start with.  I boosted the saturation and replaced the color of the bird over the door.  I then created another layer and inverted the colors to give an infared type of feel.  I had to select and delete the bird on this layer in order for it to not appear black on the final layer.  I went back and applied a topaz filter to the second layer to warm the photo up a bit to keep the door inviting and not too cold.  I think the final product gives a nice vintage look to the door to match the business’s name.



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