Photoshop – Colors and Layers

audreyovercastfinalphotomod3Upon searching for a print to scan in for this particular assignment, I went through old photos knowing I didn’t want to use one with a person in the image. I wanted to be able to play with the colors, textures, and blending as creatively as possible without worrying about making skin look sallow or alienish. I fell on a picture of a merry-go-round I took during a visit to a zoo with my children a few years ago. Instead of the majestic ponies that are the standard for this type of carnival fare, they replaced them with the animals co-habitating at the zoo. I have a particular affection for the seals at my hometown zoo, and became quite enamored with the seal on the ride.

  • BEFORE THE STORM For the first altered image, I applied an adjustment layer using the color look up to change the colors overall the entire image.  I then went in with the quick selection tool and isolated the seal. I boosted the contrast and brightness to make him stand out a bit more than the vintage colored background. I then went back and added another color look up layer (with the seal still isolated), and applied an anime color to it to make the color green on the seat pop a bit more.
  • SIDEWALK CHALK The second altered image, I opened the original scanned image, and then added a new adjustment layer using selective color. Once I played with the color settings to my liking, I then added another adjustment layer for the brightness/contrast and set the mode to overlay. Using the magic wand tool once again, I selected the background of the merry-go-round. Using another adjustment layer I changed this to a teal to coordinate with the shades of the seal’s harness. For a final touch I added some texture using the bevel & emboss option.
  • POP ART CARNIVAL My last altered image, I opened the original scanned in file from the location I saved it on my desktop for easy finding. I then created a new adjustment layer and selected color look up. A new box should open up.  At this point I wanted something decidedly different from my original, so I went with a more abstract colorization option with the blacklight poster selected under the abstract menu. This left the image with a painterly quality. Next step, I then used the magic wand tool to go in and select all of the black sections of the photo (hold shift down while clicking in order to select all the different areas of black). I then went in and created a fill layer, clicking on pattern.  I set the mode to normal and the opacity to 35%. Using a simple black ellipse I created in illustrator as a fill, I adjusted the size down to 60%. This gives all the negative space in the photograph a simple texture.

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