Portfolio Collage

audreyovercastportfoliocollageThis week I took the opportunity to print off my work.  I arranged the pieces in a collage and photographed them.  Once uploaded, I then edited the photo, cropped and changed the background.  I originally took the photo on an off-white wall to take advantage of the good light.  I thought the texture and the color I replaced the off-white with was a good compliment to the colors in the work that I’ve created this term.  It was a good refresher on selecting, layer masks and pattern fill (along with playing with blending modes and opacity changes).


Design – Illustration

originalartweek7Since this week we were supposed to be assembling our portfolios and getting our web portfolio ready for a grade, I decided to have some fun. I felt like what I had to put in my portfolio is ‘okay’, but I’m lacking in the amount of things I can say I’m actually excited about.  This started out as a picture of my daughter goofing around.  I opened it in Illustrator and did some tracing with the pen tool, and colored in a few things.  I found out once I exported it into Photoshop for finishing touches that it needed some color shifting and a lot of improvement.  I really, really love texture.  I don’t really care for flat cartoony images, and the texture helps provide a nice balance to make the image not as harsh.


Exporting Illustrator Files Into Photoshop

With this graphic, I needed to practice exporting a file from Illustrator into Photoshop.  Once located in Photoshop I was instructed to work with the layers to create something better than what the original file was.  We were given a file that I may or may not still practice on and upload here, but I wanted the challenge to create something original first.  Since we just moved to Arizona, I thought a fun, sarcastic graphic about the heat was appropriate.  The top photo is my finished product from Photoshop.  The bottom is the original file I created for Illustrator for export.


Illustrator – Raster Image Into A Vector


This assignment is the practice of importing a raster image from Photoshop into Illustrator and creating a vector image.  I chose a photo I took in downtown Pensacola of a law building that appeared run down.  I was just driving through the neighborhood and had to stop and snap the picture from my car.  For the vector image I decided to use the settings tracing result as the view and 6 colors for the preset.  I like the unsaturated look of the image.  I creates an even more abandoned looking environment than the original photo did.




Illustrator – 25 boxes

audreyovercast25sqOur assignment was to place 25 boxes in a uniform pattern and then utilize Illustrator for something in each box.  Instead of going about a randomized project, I decided I wanted it to turn into more of an art piece.  I turned out better than I had hoped.
I started out with the facial elements.  Once those were in place I knew I wanted her to have earrings too.  The rest is pretty random, but I think it all marries well.  Again I pulled from Charley Harper inspiration, and then used a few different tools like exclude in pathfinder and different gradients.


Illustrator – Shapes, Pen, Paint, Paint Blob

audreyovercastillustrationweek5This week our assignment was to explore the basic tools of illustrator such as shapes, pen tool, paint and paint blob.  For some reason I really like the representation of koi in many art pieces, and I thought I’d try it out.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to try a mid-century modern approach to this assignment as Charley Harper’s work is an influence of mine.  I decided to mix up the modern and the impressionism styles in order to fulfill the use of all the tools.


Photoshop – Creating .gifs

audreyovercastgifredo2This assignment we were supposed to animate a photograph in Photoshop in order to create a .gif file.  I originally just had the girl on the far left with her head spinning, but decided it was too plain.  I went back in and colorized the photo in sections and blacked out the girl with the spinning head at the end.  I also slowed it down slightly from the original version.


Photoshop – Text and Filters Gallery




audreyovercasttype2This week’s assignment had us focusing on type and playing with filters.  The first image that I created with the type I used a lot of layers, even utilizing the 3D extrusion for the word “fishbowl”.  I used the liquify filter on the word “souls”.  A lot of texture, playing with opacity and blending modes, and viola!

The second image I decided to go with a sort of stamped penny effect.  Much cleaner and simpler than the first quote.  I used a copper texture for the background and a typewriter font.  The effect was basically achieved mainly through the emboss & bevel mode.  A few shadows were applied and the lighting was toyed with to create an almost realistic look.